The White Clover Grass-Fed Beef Farm

Welcome to White Clover Farms

James H Linne M.D. of White Clover BeefAs a physician, I have seen first-hand the connection between good nutrition and health.

I practiced gastroenterology for 35 years before dedicating my time to the farm. In 2005 I purchased 300 acres in southeastern Highland County. Our farm sits on gently rolling hills created by the Illinoian glaciation of the last Ice Age. We have abundant groundwater with several natural springs. To minimize soil erosion, all of the corn and soybean fields have been converted to permanent pastures and hayfields.

Our goals on the farm are land stewardship, sustainability, regeneration of soil fertility and biodiversity. The health of soils, plants, animals, and people is inextricably linked. We do everything we can to keep our cattle happy and healthy. We use no chemicals of any kind on our pastures or cattle.

We strive to provide our customers with the most nutritious and great tasting, 100% grass-fed beef available.

"We’re excited about the future of agriculture and hope you will visit us at the farm." - James H Linne M.D. 

Low-Stress Weaning

grass fed beef farmWeaning is a stressful time for a cow and her calf.

Traditionally, the calf is separated from the mother and trucked to the stockyard for sale or moved to another part of the farm out of sight of her mother. While the calf no longer requires its mother’s milk for nutrition, there is still a strong emotional bond. This separation stress can affect the animal’s health and, ultimately, the tenderness of the beef.

At White Clover Farm we use “fenceline weaning.”

The cows and their calves are placed in different pastures separated only by a fence. The calves can see, smell, and touch noses with their mothers through the fence. Utilizing this technique, the animals display very few signs of stress. The first few days cow and calf stay close to each other across the fence. However, they gradually move further out into the pasture grazing and meet at the fenceless and less. By day seven, the calves can be moved to another part of the farm.

Weaning accomplished with no stress!

White Clover Farm's Mission Statement

The mission of White Clover Farm in Hillsboro, Ohio is to produce great tasting, high quality, healthy holistic beef using only the finest ingredients - grass, sunshine and clean water - the way nature intended.

We track our cattle from birth to consumer, to ensure they remain safe and healthy food.