Grass-Fed Beef FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in buying some of our certified 100% grass-fed beef for your family? Here are some frequently asked questions we receive that may help you prepare for the purchase!

  1. How much freezer space do I need?

    One cubic foot for 30-35 lbs. of beef. The empty freezer compartment of an average-sized home refrigerator will usually hold 50 lbs. of beef.

  2. Do your cattle ever receive grain?

    No. Our cattle are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. We have 3rd party certification by the American Grass-Fed Association. 

  3. Do you use any pesticides on your cattle? 

    We do not use any insecticides, wormers, or any other chemicals on our cattle. 

  4. Do you use herbicides on your pastures or fence rows? 

    We do not use any herbicides, including Roundup. 

  5.  Can I get the organ meat? 

    Yes, upon request you can get the liver, heart, tongue, and oxtail.

  6. What breed of cattle do you use?

    We use moderate framed Black Angus.

  7. How long will my beef last in the freezer?

    Frozen beef will keep very high quality for up to 12 months if you store it at 0 degrees F.

  8. How much beef should I buy?

    Eating beef twice a week will take a family of four one year to eat a half beef or six months to eat a quarter of beef.

We are glad to answer your questions about grass-fed fed beef. Contact us via email for a prompt response!