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Your beef will be custom cut to your specifications by the skilled butchers at Butcher Block and Smoke House located at 6442 Beamsville-Webster Road, Versailles Ohio. Beef orders will be ready for pickup at our processor 10-14 days after the processing date. Please bring boxes or coolers when picking up your beef.

 A deposit is required to reserve your order. The remainder of the payment will be due on the processing date. We will contact you with the hanging weight on that same date. 

*The quarter, half and whole beef packages are only available on the processing dates listed below. The ground beef package is available year-round.

Quarter Beef: Average Cow 150-180lbs
  • Price: $5.50/lb (Approx. $825-$990)
  • Deposit: $100.00
Half Beef: Average Cow 300-360lbs
  • Price: $5.25/lb (Approx. $1,575-$1,890)
  • Deposit: $200.00
Whole Beef: Average Cow 600-720lbs
  • Price: $5.00/lb (Approx. $3,000-$3,600)
  • Deposit: $300.00
Ground Beef Package: 25lb Minimum
  • Price: $7.00/lb

*All prices and weights for a whole, half, or quarter beef are based on hanging weight, and include cutting, wrapping, and freezing. Beef take-home weights are approximately 25-35% less than carcass hanging weight due to trimming and deboning.

MAY - JUNE - JULY - AUGUST - SEPTEMBER are already sold out! 

Available 2021 Processing Dates: October 25th.

Select and PRINT OUT the Beef Processing Cut Sheet:   Standard Cut Sheet  or  Custom Cut Sheet

Payments can be made to White Clover Farm, 782 Watch Point Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45230

Beef can be picked up at:

Butcher Block and Smokehouse
6442 Beamsville - Webster Road
Versailles, OH 45380
Phone: 937-548-7583


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Thank you for choosing White Clover Farm of Greater Cincinnati, Ohio for your 100% grass-fed beef!

What do I get in a half cow?

Beef Chart

Meat from a half beef consists of approximately:

  • 14 New York Strip Steaks (3/4” thick)
  • 10 Filet Mignon Steaks (1” thick)
  • 14 Ribeye Steaks (3/4” thick)
  • 8 Sirloin Steaks (3/4” thick)
  • 1 Flank Steak
  • 2 Sirloin Tip Roasts (3lbs each)
  • 6 Chuck Roasts (4lbs each)
  • 4 Shoulder Roasts (3lbs each)
  • 2 Rump Roasts (3lbs each)
  • 8 Packages of Stew Beef (1lb each)
  • 4 Packages Soup Bones (1.5lbs each)
  • 75lbs of Ground Beef

*Heart, liver, tongue, and oxtail available upon request.

How would you like YOUR beef processed? 

Select and PRINT OUT the Beef Processing Cut Sheet:   Standard Cut Sheet  or  Custom Cut Sheet