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All natural, lean 100% grassfed beef from Hillsboro, Ohio.

White Clover Farm, Hillsboro, Ohio - 513-562-7298 - Be sure that you are eating a natural product of the highest quality.


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100% Grassfed Beef Order Form

The White Clover Farm animals thrive on 100% grass, without grain - we are certified 100% grassfed by the American Grassfed Association. We track our cattle from birth to consumer, to ensure they remain a safe and healthy food. The discerning consumer chooses 100% grassfed beef for the health of their family and the environment.  Click the White Clover Farm Purchase Request (link) below to Buy Now and discover the benefits of eating 100% grass fed holistic beef.  Thank you.



Seasonal Beef

Whole Beef*

Average Cow 600 - 720 Lbs
Price: $4.85 / Lb.
Deposit: $250.00

Half Beef*

Average Cow 300 - 360 Lbs
Price $5.10 / Lb.
Deposit: $200.00

Quarter Beef*

Average Cow 150 - 180 Lbs
Price $5.30 / Lb.
Deposit: $100.00


June Grill Out Special

4-12 oz Rib eye steaks
4-10 oz New York strip steaks
2-8 oz Fillet Mignon steaks
30 lbs. Ground beef in one pound packages

All for $300.00 for orders placed on our June 4th or June 25th processing dates. 

2018 processing dates

Note: 2018 dates are all sold out. See you next year!

April 23rd    (Sold Out)

May 14th    (Sold Out)

June 4th    (Sold Out)

June 25th    (Sold Out)

July 16th    (Sold Out)

August 6th    (Sold Out)




Ground Beed Package

25 # Minimum Order
$6.25 per Pound

Payments made to:

White Clover Farm
782 Watch Point Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45230

*All prices and weights for whole, half, and quarter beefs are based on hanging weight, and include cutting, wrapping and freezing. Beef take-home weights are approxiamately 25 - 35% less than carcass hanging weight due to trimming and deboning.  Click to DOWNLOAD the American Angus Association Angus Beef Chart.

Thank you for choosing White Clover Farms of Greater Cincinnati Ohio for your 100% Grass-Fed Beef.

What do I get in a Half Cow?

Meat from a half beef consists of approximately:angus beef chart

14 New York Strip steaks (3/4” thick)
10 Filet Mignon steaks (1” thick)
14 Rib Eye steaks (3/4”)
8 sirloin steaks (3/4” thick)
1 Flank steak
2 Sirloin Tip roasts (3 lbs. each)
6 chuck roasts (4 lbs. each)
4 shoulder roasts (3 lbs. each)
2 rump roasts (3 lbs. each)
8 packages of stew beef (1 lb. each)
4 packages soup bones (1.5 lbs. each)
75 lbs. of ground beef

*heart, liver, tongue, and oxtail available upon request

We invite you to contact us via email or call our farm!
Learn more about the excellent care of our 100% grass-fed cattle our Greater Cincinnati area 
White Clover Farms in Hillsboro, Ohio. We're always glad to hear from you! 513-562-7298